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QUICK, a leading financial information provider that provides solutions by embracing customer needs.

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QUICK is a member of the Nikkei Inc. group. Established in 1971 as "Quotation Information Center K.K." within Japan, it is the first and largest financial information provider.
As a member of a media group that is neutral, QUICK delivers reliable, trustworthy information. QUICK arranges and organizes securities and other financial information covering real time, historical and fundamental data. QUICK develops and maintains an extensive range of tools and applications such as asset management solutions in response to the trend from savings to investments, analytics for trading strategies and a robust network to carry information efficiently. From its beginning, QUICK has used its expertise to meet the diverse needs of customers in the securities and financial sectors.

QUICK's information is ubiquitous

Market information

TV news and newspapers carry stock prices, investment trust and commodities data from QUICK.

Nikkei 225 Stock Average and
other indexes

QUICK calculates the Nikkei 225 Stock Average and other Japanese indexes. They are viewed with confidence by market participants.

Abundance information service of QUICK

The extensive information QUICK carries continues to increase more and more. QUICK provides not only real time price information but also a fast distribution of Nikkei news. Another strength is original information that helps market and corporate analytics. QUICK deliver the data needed for precise and accurate decision making.

Overseas information

More than 60 stock indexes and sub indexes of 45 countries are available. The coverage includes over 80 sovereign debts and Global FX of 158 currency pairs from major inter-dealer brokers. QUICK is continuously enhancing and strengthening worldwide market information crucial for the international diversifies investment.

Original contents

QUICK not only disseminates information but also produces useful information from a fair and neutral standpoint to customers in the securities and financial markets.